Alternative Facts

by Martin J. Sandom

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released January 27, 2017

All music written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin J. Sandom
(p) + (c)



all rights reserved


Martin J. Sandom Prague, Czech Republic

Martin J. Sandom is a Singer/Songwriter whose music has at it's core the early musical roots of Blues, Country and Folk. This is then blended with a wide spectrum of other more modern influences. He started writing songs at the age of 14 and has crafted his art playing in bands for 10 years. He started playing solo in 2010. ... more

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Track Name: Nostalgics
Looking through rose tinted glass
Their own reworking of the past
Caught up in the feeling that it brings

Everything was simple then
We could make things great again
If we could find the enemy that's within

But we grow old

Our identity is there
Buried in the past somewhere
Need to find a way to dig it out

Don't know who we should be now
Don't want to fit in with the new crowd
We're losing track of what the world's about

And we grow old

Who's to blame for all this change
Who's the one who rigged the game
We need to find the enemy that's within

We could make things great again,
You know that they're the ones to blame,
Point the finger out instead of in

We grow old but we feel young again

Our identity is there
Buried in the past somewhere
By looking back we feel young again

We grow old but we feel young again
Track Name: I suppose a reasonable discussion is out of the question
A means, of mass communication
Could lead, to a new situtation
We could learn from each other
We could help one another
We could make logic the king
Lies can be exposed, not left unoposed
Maybe just wishful thinking?

We can just talk about it

I ask, you respond with evasion
I question, you commence degredation
Your stats are misleading
Your language demeaning
Your words are so hollow
Your claims are absurd, based on what you've heard
Your arguments borrowed

Can't we just talk about it?

We must, learn to speak to each other
We need, to hear one another
Coz while we argue and hate
Those who decide our fates
Are laughing and drinking
They devide and they conquer, which makes them grow stronger
They keep us unthinking

Can't we just talk about it?
Track Name: Synchronicity
The planets aligned
Stars were born
The fabric of time and space was torn

Falling together in time
No reason or rhyme
Inner and outer worlds collide

Do ya do ya here it call
Can you hear it crying out

The right place,the right time
Or is it a sign
Or some thing more besides

Co-created by you and me
entangled as one in our dreams