The City E​.​P

by Martin J. Sandom

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released December 21, 2015

All music written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin J. Sandom
(c) + (p) Martin J. Sandom



all rights reserved


Martin J. Sandom Prague, Czech Republic

Martin J. Sandom is a Singer/Songwriter whose music has at it's core the early musical roots of Blues, Country and Folk. This is then blended with a wide spectrum of other more modern influences. He started writing songs at the age of 14 and has crafted his art playing in bands for 10 years. He started playing solo in 2010. ... more

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Track Name: The City
I set out for the city,
Left my past behind,
Wrote myself a little ditty,
And sang it along the line.

Hope, Soul, Pride.

Don't know what I expected,
Didn't know what I might find,
Added some words to the ditty,
And sang it along the line.

I got hope, I got soul, I got pride.

Because something had made me feel restless,
Something had made my feet itch,
Something had made me want to stand up,
And stop digging that ditch.

I got hope, I got soul, I got pride.

Now I look back and wonder,
Where I would be now,
Deeper and darker buried under,
And heading further down.

I got hope, I got soul, I got pride.
Track Name: History Repeating
Like deja vu or a sequel,
I feel I've heard this all before,
Dehumanize other people,
So you can ignore.

Label them as the other,
There's no need to sympathise,
The ease at which they hate one another,
I breath a heavy sigh.

Be afraid
We'll keep you safe

Like a recurring dream,
A distant echo from the past,
Ignorance feeding hate,
and hatred bread from fear.
And nothing's gonna change,
We'll just keep doing the same thing,
Again and again...
Track Name: Harm Principle
If you wanna break free, go ahead and break free,
That's alright with me.
If you wanna hate me, go ahead and hate me,
It's alright with me.

If you wanna move higher, move a little higher,
Just don't step on me.
If you wanna light a fire, to burn a little brighter,
Keep it away from me.

You can do, as you please, just don't step on me,
Because the point at which your freedom ends,
Is the point at which I'm free.